Natural Bug Repellent

The Om Flow: Natural Bug Repellent

Summertime is coming and with that means all the crawling, flying critters. We’ve mixed a natural blend of juices and oils to help you ward off those mosquitos and gnats during the warm season.

1/4 cup lemon juice
15 drops of lavender oil
3-4 tbsp of vanilla extract

Shake in a 16 oz bottle with water and spray away to keep those nasty critters off your skin, naturally!

Customer Testimonial: Dr. Todd Garrity

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Not only did he give me an acupuncture treatment but he also perfomred Body Talk, Chakra Re-balancing, Tui Na Massage and I am pretty sure some Reiki as well. I felt like my body literally melted into the bed.

Todd made me feel completely comfortable and I felt confident in his knowledge and experience. He also has great skin care and essential oil blend lines.
I am looking forward to my next appointment!”

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