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PET THERAPY…I know your thinking, “is this for real?” Well, yes it is my friends. A lot of people just laugh at the thought of taking a dog to therapy, but I know that I would do just about anything to help my little pooch feel happier and healthier.

We got Chloe at a shelter about 6.5 years ago and back in January 2012, she had an accident where a chair collapsed on top of her. She was immobile for a whole month and was never really the same dog after she recovered.  She would hide under the bed a lot, pee and poop inside, etc.  Her demeanor had changed.

When Chloe and I walked into Todd’s office everything changed for her.  I can not explain exactly what he did, but with the use of kinesiology he gathered information that other people can’t.  Chloe and I left the appointment, and from then on, Chloe has been completely different.

She no longer hides under the bed, she hasn’t gone to the bathroom inside, he recommended getting a crate for her to get the sense of security, and I have never seen my dog happier.

Todd entered the mind of my little furry friend.  I can not be happier with my decision for giving it a try.  I would definitely recommend pet therapy with Todd Garrity for anyone that is having doggy issues.

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