Accunect Ancient Wisdom Conference

Accunectâ„¢ is a year old this month!

Thanks for all of your enthusiastic feedback! We have taught Accunect to several hundred students since the first course in September 2011 and the response has been amazing. I am absolutly loving teaching it to you all and feel so honoured to be of such service. So many of you have written to tell us how Accunect has transformed your life and your sessions. I want to share some of my thoughts and experiences after teaching Accunect for a year.

People often comment on how easy it is to learn and practice Accunect. They are amazed that they are very comfortable with Accunect and confident to use it Monday morning. This has been very gratifying because we set out to create a system that could be used effectively by everyone.

Non-practitioners get a huge transformation out of the weekend and are confident to use it on themselves, family, and in their life immediately. And, busy professionals are able to immediately integrate Accunect into their practice because it so fast and easy – we’ve had so many testimonials about how Accunect has made a dramatic difference in people’s practices the day after the course – their clients get off the table saying that it was really powerful, that they don’t know exactly what was different but they just feel happy.

People who haven’t taken Accunnect wonder “CAN IT REALLY BE THAT EASY?” and if they can really learn it in a weekend. Much of our programming from our culture and conventional medicine gives us the idea that healing is hard. But, that is just an idea and that idea is about to change! Accunect represents a new consciousness for healing that is in time with the modern age. It is simply time for the world to embrace healing and transformation in a faster, easier, more feminine way.

Accunect is easy because it leverages on the basic principles of healing. All healing begins in the heart. The frequencies generated by the heart regulate the nervous system, meridian system, even genetic programming at a cellular level. For lasting change to occur, we have to connect to ourselves and others at a heart level. In the heart, we know we are connected to each other, to universal consciousness, to our True Self and to God. That is why we call the first class Connect.

The experience of taking Accunect connects people to their true self to bring in feminine energy to be present. We use sacred geometry to shift your consciousness to a state of expanded possibility where powerful transformation is possible. This brings energy and awareness to the heart center and shifts consciousness and perception to a feminine state of receiving: receiving intuition, possibility and miracles.

The Accunect system has been refined and distilled to make it simple to learn and this allows the thinking mind to relax. This keeps you in your heart not your head, opening up intuition, and allowing the feminine energy to create instant transformation. The total experience is as much an unlearning as it is learning – people are unlearning all the teaching that keeps them separate so that they can remember and experience their connection.

My personal experience of teaching Accunect has been amazing. There’s a lot of practice time where students give and receive sessions so that they can transform their own health and consciousness during the class. The practice time also gives tremendous confidence in the ability to do Accunect balancing after the course. During these practice times, there is a felt sense of joy in the room as everyone experiences being in their heart, connected to their true self, and watching miracles. I often find myself in a state of euphoria just watching students practice.

I can’t begin to say how rewarding it is to teach a powerful healing system that everyone “gets” right away. Countless students have told me how my “easy” approach empowered them to practice energy work and witness miracles. One testimonial from an Accunect student really touched my heart: she realized during the course that she felt powerful shifts during every practice time – that every student was “getting” it and that everybody could learn to do healing!

My first degree was in software engineering, so it was a bit of a journey for me to discover that you think better with your heart than with your head. I first studied Applied Kinesiology in the 1980’s, when it was really complicated – a bit too much like the rocket science job I had left to do healing. So, I also studied traditional healing in the form of Chinese medicine and oriental bodywork, because working with my hands allowed me to be in my heart. The longer I practiced and taught, the more I realized that keeping it simple and getting the practitioner to relax was the key to unlocking more powerful results.

I am blessed to have a partner in creating Accunect: my wife, Sarah Simonis, who is the cofounder of Accunect. Sarah has been studying healing and spirituality her whole life and is a source of incredible wisdom. She also brings the divine feminine energy into the Accunect system and has played a huge role both in the development of both the Accunect system as well as the way in which we teach it. She is my guide in my own personal journey from the head to the heart.

Together we have created a healing system that anybody can learn and we enjoy sharing it with people who want to heal themselves as well as with professional practitioners who want to share in the healing and transformation of others.

Thank you to those of you have taken Accunect already for walking with us on this journey of healing and transformation.

Yours sincerely,