Hand & Wrist Pain Specialist

Todd Garrity, Licensed Acupuncturist

After suffering many years of excruciating wrist pain, multiple surgeries, and every known therapy, Todd Garrity tried acupuncture for the first time. Not only did he experience pain relief for the first time in years, but after a series of treatments, he was able to regain complete use of his hand, something no doctor had ever thought possible.

“I know what it feels like to be in constant pain, and I know firsthand what this medicine can do to treat and prevent issues of the delicate wrist and hand structures.”

After a decade as a journalist, Todd decided to return to school to pursue a Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine at the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. His first year in grad school, while working on a home upgrade, an accident occurred which completely severed two tendons in his left hand, resulting in loss of mobility in his little finger. Throughout his program of study and 3 year internship, he underwent every kind of alternative medicine treatment to the hand and finger, learning acupuncture treatment techniques as well as homeopathy, electric stimulation of needles, acupressure, tuina, exercises, internal and topical herbal and essential oil remedies by doctors from all over the world.

While some of the structure of the finger was permanently damaged, the acupuncture treatments were able to re-establish blood circulation, repair nerve damage, and allow for pain-free movement.

“I offer many non-surgical treatments for hand and wrist pain, and teach my patients stretches they can do at home and work to aid in healing injury or disease and prevent future problems.”

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