Customer testimonial – Dr. Todd Garrity

Dr. Garrity is simply amazing. I have had chronic depression with anxiety for the past 6 years. After being diagnosed and treated, I would begin to feel better after taking medication for a prolonged period of time, and consequently been taken off of medication after I have been feeling well after months of feeling better (upon my psychiatrist’s recommendation) and unfortunately my depression eventually kept coming back. So when I noticed the depression coming back recently, I again restarted my medication. But this time, I also concurently started treatment with Dr. Garrity on a weekly schedule, and noticed positive results aftter the first treatment.  Normally anti-depression medication takes at least 4-5 weeks to begin notice positive results. After seeing Dr. Garrity for 2 weeks I felt like a new person: free of my depression and anxiety.  I have also suffered from lower chronic back pain for years.  This pain was relieved after only one visit. I can’t say enough about Dr. Garrity. He helped me get back to my happier self, at a much faster rate than just merely taking my anti-depression medication.  He cut my recovery time in half and relieved my chronic back pain in one visit. If you want to feel better, please see Dr. Garrity ASAP.