About Dr. Todd

Todd Garrity, L.Ac. Licensed Acupuncturist Owner, The Om Flow Educational Foundation Todd received his Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and Bachelor’s of Heath Sciences at the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Academic and clinical education included a solid foundation in the theories and practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine that was well balanced with education in western sciences and the western understanding of the human body. A three-year internship prepared him to work in a modern clinic and gave him practical, one-on-one experience with patients and prescribing Chinese herbal medicine. In addition to extensive study in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Todd was trained in Reiki, Bodytalk, and trained with a shaman in Peru to learn how to tap in and assist patients in releasing emotional and spiritual blockages that are frequently the underlying cause of serious medical conditions. Personal Background Prior to his career path in healthcare, Todd received a BA in Journalism and worked as a reporter for various newspapers and magazines across the country. After many years of constant computer use, he developed wrist bone problems very similar to carpel tunnel syndrome. He underwent surgery, which worsened the symptoms of pain and limited movement in the wrists and hands. When living in Portland, Oregon, he started to see an acupuncturist on a regular basis for the problem. Three months later, the pain was completely gone and full movement returned. “To me, it was a sign that I was on the wrong career path. Not only did I realize that journalism was not my calling, it also introduced me to acupuncture. I hope to help heal others with this ancient medicine as my acupuncturist helped me.”

Customer testimonial – Dr. Todd Garrity

Post op care today. For the non believers, out of 22 surgeries this is the first time I have incorporated acupuncture/massage/energy work or any of the three in preparing myself for surgery and post op care. The difference between this time and the past 21 times is amazing…like night and day. The incision sites on my shoulder look like they’re 2 weeks post op, not 6 days. The pain, compared to my last shoulder surgery is next to nothing, and my whole body just feels so much stronger. Thank you Todd Garrity. You both do amazing work.

-R.N., posted on Facebook

Customer testimonial – Dr. Todd Garrity

Dr. Garrity is simply amazing. I have had chronic depression with anxiety for the past 6 years. After being diagnosed and treated, I would begin to feel better after taking medication for a prolonged period of time, and consequently been taken off of medication after I have been feeling well after months of feeling better (upon my psychiatrist’s recommendation) and unfortunately my depression eventually kept coming back. So when I noticed the depression coming back recently, I again restarted my medication. But this time, I also concurently started treatment with Dr. Garrity on a weekly schedule, and noticed positive results aftter the first treatment.  Normally anti-depression medication takes at least 4-5 weeks to begin notice positive results. After seeing Dr. Garrity for 2 weeks I felt like a new person: free of my depression and anxiety.  I have also suffered from lower chronic back pain for years.  This pain was relieved after only one visit. I can’t say enough about Dr. Garrity. He helped me get back to my happier self, at a much faster rate than just merely taking my anti-depression medication.  He cut my recovery time in half and relieved my chronic back pain in one visit. If you want to feel better, please see Dr. Garrity ASAP.


Women’s Health

Are you experiencing a hormonal imbalance? Are you having difficulty conceiving? We can help bring you back into balance.

Chinese medicine views the human body as its own ecosystem. In order for an ecosystem to flourish all parts must be balanced and working together. Our endocrine system and hormones are a huge part of this ecosystem. Our internal balance can be affected and thrown off by diet, exercise, chemicals in your environment and products, stress, emotional traumas and many other outside influences. Through herbs, acupuncture, diet changes, an exercise routine, stress management techniques, and vitamins these imbalances can be shifted. This shift will prompt the body to work as nature intended.

A Living Practice Yoga and Guided Self Empowerment   By Giovanna Henery


Natural Bug Repellent

The Om Flow: Natural Bug Repellent

Summertime is coming and with that means all the crawling, flying critters. We’ve mixed a natural blend of juices and oils to help you ward off those mosquitos and gnats during the warm season.

1/4 cup lemon juice
15 drops of lavender oil
3-4 tbsp of vanilla extract

Shake in a 16 oz bottle with water and spray away to keep those nasty critters off your skin, naturally!

Detox Water and Clear Skin

Acne Treatment Water

In America, looks count for a great deal. Sociological studies show time and time again that people with an aesthetically pleasing face are more successful in business and personal life than those without. For anyone (everyone) who works with people, spending some time on making sure you put your best face forward is critical.

If you are suffering from acne or skin problems The Om Flow can help! We have natural acne remedies that will help cleanse your system and ease the pain that acne can cause. Our Washington Park clinic carries a wide variety of injectables that work for other skin-related issues as well. Sun spots, acne, Rosacea are just a few. Call or come in today to discuss your aesthetic goals.

Help jump start your cleansing process with some of our favorite Detox Water.

Recipe for Detox Water – 2L water, 1 medium cucumber, 1 lemon, 10-12 mint leaves. Steep overnight in fridge and drink every day.