Face-lift Acupuncture

face lift acupuncturenatural botoxLiving in Colorado is hard on the skin. Arid climate combined with sun damage can quickly cause wrinkles. At The Om Flow, we offer a different approach to beauty than chemicals.

Our injectable products from Guna and Heel are FDA-approved and work WITH the cells of the skin to increase the collagen depletion that cause wrinkles. Our unique system combines acupuncture to strengthen facial muscles to give a more youthful appearance to the face.

BOTOX, botulinum toxin type A, acts only on the nerves controlling the underlying muscles. The apparent reduction in skin wrinkles is essentially because the muscle never contracts and the skin above will lay flatter. The problem with Botox, other than the extensive potential side effects, (check http://www.drugs.com/sfx/botox-side-effects.html for more information on side effects), is the lack of facial expression it causes. For actors, models, sports figures, sales people, businesspeople and anyone who works with the public, it is important to look youthful, but also be able to show expression in your face.

In America, looks count for a great deal. Sociological studies show time and time again that people with an aesthetically pleasing faces are more successful in business and personal life than those without. For anyone (everyone) who works with people, spending some time on making sure you put your best face forward is critical.

The Om Flow provides HIPPA-protected private treatments with natural products to help you achieve aesthetic enhancement naturally. This new technology acts on the causes of skin wrinkles in four ways: homeopathically prepared enzymes inhibit the destructuring of the skin substrates, increases the synthesis of proteins, promotes the drainage of toxins, and reduces the degeneration action of age. This brings about healthier looking skin with fewer visible wrinkles.

We carry a wide variety of injectables that work for other skin-related issues as well! Sun spots, acne, Rosacea are just a few. Call or come in today to discuss your aesthetic goals.

Acupuncturist Todd Garrity demonstrating facial acupuncture techniques for a class in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.