Acupuncture Denver Co

The Om Flow is an acupuncture, massage, skin care, and holistic Chinese medicine clinic located near Washington Park on Old South Gaylord Street in Denver, Colorado. Our primary service is providing energy work through the utilization of Accunect™, acupuncture, massage, and Chinese herbs and essential oils to treat stress-related conditions such as, but not limited to: insomnia, occupational physical ailments such as carpal tunnel and neck pain, smoking cessation, and migraines. Other services at our clinic include: acupuncture face-lifts and treatment of skin conditions.

In addition, we sell a full line of therapeutic grade custom essential oils, essential oil based skin care products, Chinese herbal medications in pill and tea form, Juice Plus, crystals, pain relief patches, tinctures and assorted products, and organic aesthetic skin care products.

Our practice differs from the competition in the diversity of modalities we employ in each treatment. The combination of healing modalities enables us to achieve much stronger results than one modality alone.